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Are you tired of having sewage problems? The locally-owned Buchanan’s Plumbing Service is the solution to all your drainage or sewage problems. Reach out to our experienced plumbers for exceptional plumbing services. Whether it’s a clogged drain or an overflowing sewer, you can trust us to do the job right.


With over 41 years of residential and commercial drain / sewer cleaning services in Jacksonville, our goal is to provide quick and professional services at all times.


Our plumbers have the tools and knowledge to solve all your plumbing issues. We also provide a 10% military discount and a 10% senior citizen discount.

Need electric drain cleaning services?


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We've been plumbing in Jacksonville since 1987.

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Whether your bathroom sink just won’t drain out or your office sewer lines are clogged, we’ve the technology and experience to take care of all your problems.


What we do:

  • Residential and commercial

  • High velocity sewer jetting

  • Video camera pipe inspection

  • Electric drain cleaning

  • Excavations done if necessary for sewer stoppages and cleaning


We understand that plumbing problems can be frustrating and time consuming. That’s why we’re here to quickly and efficiently fix all your plumbing issues, whether it's water heater repair service or slab leaks repair services. Call us today at 903-586-4441 for more details.

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